Now a days Environmental tragedies have increased enormously. According to the Global burden of diseases study almost 5.5 million people die every year due to air born diseases like cardiovascular, lung cancer, respiratory failure etc and the shocking thing is that 3 million people from it belong to India and China.

Can you imagine? How much your life span will get short if the condition gets even worse probably half of it or even less.In the year 2014, WHO has organized a survey saying Delhi was the most polluted city in the world. Now you may be wondering what makes environment deterioration at this condition.

It is found that one of the main causes of environment deterioration is industrial exposure, from burning of fossils fuels for generating electricity & manufacturing process to release of chemicals like carbon mono oxide, hydrocarbons & organic compounds, industry is on top.

Causes and Effects of Environment Pollution

Deforestation for the establishment of industries, Poor recycling techniques, Toxic substances, Greenhouse gasses emission, outdated machinery and manufacturing procedure, Release of harmful exhaust and Poor sewage treatment are some of the major causes of environmental pollution.

Till now,many industries don't follow the recycling procedure which makes dumping of toxin directly into the river making it unhealthy or even more poisonous.Industry releases health hazardous gasses like CFCs, methane etc that increases the temperature of the earth and ultimately leads to global warming. With the new machine, there are numerous technique and filters are applied which control the exposure of gasses and toxins and neutralizes their effect but some industrialist still uses old machinery for their profits.People are cutting trees to use that land to build industry,as with the increase in industrialization exploitation of natural sources like woods, increases the production of goods - resultant is higher pollution.

Exhaust likesulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide which makes acid rain causing deterioration of national heritage and sculptures and mortality of animals.EPA has already specified the sewage policies of industry but they might find it amusing because still river like Ganga & Yamuna are getting affected by industrial exposure. 85% of the industries in India are manufacturing their products in cities and making it polluted their improper sewage, poor filters cause the release of chemicals, toxins, an organic compound which can cause serious health and environment issue likeLung cancer and blood cancer, Coronary obstructive pulmonary disease, Heavy metal may cause poisoning, Degeneration of plants, Stroke and heart diseases, Child mental health disturbance, Respiratory disease, Worsening of health condition like asthma, Acid rain causing nation heritage and natural life, Child mortality and Eye & liver issue.

The Role of Our Organization

Our earth is a habitat of different species it does not belong to a single community who are making an astounding amount of money by ruining the environment. It is possible to make our environment healthy through better practices and implementations.Our organization, named as OurBetterIndia, works to make it cleaner every day.

It is a non-profit organization aims to impart awareness among government and citizens of India by addressing each and every possible issue by coming up with its possible solutions like we believe in making India green by planting trees and regularcampaigningabout awareness of afforestationas planting trees helps in the removal of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide which decreases earth's temperature and eventually leads to production of more oxygen. Our organization has set goals and we achieve it by doing enormous hard work, together we can make changes for the improvement of India.

For the betterment of India, our organization does several projects and campaigns. Our team believes in hard work and stronger commitment towards making our environment healthy.Addressing issue to government officials, Educating people about environment issue and their disastrous effects, campaigning at school and colleges, Evaluation of the actual cause of pollution and in site cleanup, complaining green regulators so that they can take measure, Waste material operation, tree plantation to reduce fumes and dust are some major ways we are currently using to make India a greener and pollution-free country. Be the part of our journey by joining up. Let's make the dream of Incredible India successful together.

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