Skill Development aims at nourishing the skills of an individual in his/her area of expertise, by focusing on his/her capabilities so that he/she can achieve indefeasible feats in life. It facilitates the process of making an individual realize his/her potential for his/her betterment. In a country like India, where about half of the youth population is unemployed, investing in skill development is the need of the hour. The insufficient employment opportunities encourages to explore several different alternatives other than conventional ones. Definitely, there is a need to bridge up this chasm that exists between quality education and employability which can make its way only by garnishing the talented youth of the country so that they can work independently. Skill Development has been the driving force in creating a pool of employment opportunities for many. It can tackle problems like underemployment and unemployment effectively and efficiently.

They are several advantages of investment in Skill Development. Firstly, it aims at utilizing the potentials of promising marginalized sections of the country by rigorously training them in their specialized fields to tackle challenges of economic growth. Secondly, it aims at promoting development of micro enterprises and entrepreneurship. Thirdly, it aims at cultivating and upgrading existing skills of men and women to help them work independently and efficiently. Fourthly, it aims at instilling a feeling of confidence in socially disadvantaged sections of the society by making them self-reliant economically. Fifthly, it aims at empowering women by incentivizing them to make use of their skills like Silaai- Kadhai, Broom Making, Pikal- Papad making at an occupational level, to make them self-sufficient.

Education plays an instrumental role in overall development of an individual. Nelson Mandela has rightly said "Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world". It gives you the wisdom to choose between right and wrong. It instills a feeling of confidence in you as its focal point is mental growth of an individual. However, the question that arises,whether the education system in India is capable to act as a catalyst in transforming the lives of individuals in a fruitful manner? The answer is definitely in negative. Education system in India is deficient in imparting necessary skills which are vital for getting jobs in the market. The widening gap between getting education and a viable job calls several initiatives in this direction.In order to advance the existing skills and keep up with technological advances, one has to enhance skills for which education is required. Moreover, education helps a person to widen the horizons in a particular skill. Hence, it can be said that education and skill development go hand in hand. They are closely intertwined with each other and one cannot progress without the other.

OurBetterIndia is known for its innovative work in educating unprivileged children by providing them an appropriate impetus through various means. We believe that using technology can be a powerful medium for educating the people. Secondly, we work towards bridging the gap between education and practical application of learnt skills. Thirdly, we conduct regular interactive sessions to ensure people's active participation. Fourthly, we encourage and motivate people to exhibit their required skills on various platforms. Fifthly, we make efficient use of technological knowhow to make people aware about the role of education in their life. Hence, in a nutshell, it can be said that our organization follows a holistic approach for helping the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society who lack the resources to support themselves.

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